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Through world peace, individual peace too can be cultivated. When food is taken by the hand to the mouth, chewed and swallowed, the essence spreads to every part of the body, so also, if the hands are engaged in acts promoting peace, and the tongue engaged in prayers for peace, by these two means, the essence of Santhi will spread into all parts of the World, which is but the body of the Lord. The Santhi of the World is the basis for genuine Santhi.

Many do not know the meaning of the statement, "Deho Devalayam". "The Body is the Temple". For what reason did the temple arise? For the Lord worshipped within. If there is no such Lord, it cannot be called temple. But, the actions of man are now all against this plain fact. Now all worship is being done to the temple, forgetting that the temple is not God. The temple is to be preserved and cleaned and decorated for the sake of God therein, it should be made a good means of realising Him. That is all. Similarly, the body is the temple of the Lord, the Atmaswarupa. Forgetting the need for faith in the Atma, for the bliss derived from the Atma, for the worship of the Atma, for dedication to the Atma, people are now immersed in faith in the body, bliss of the body, decoration of the body and dedication to the body. In spite of everything, the body is evanescent; but through the temple, the Lord can be seen. Through the body, the Atma who is within can be realised. That is the main task of man; conscious of this, try always to keep watch over the body and protect it. Do not neglect the Lord within; do not hold fast to the unreal, temporary, outer building. Of course, you should not ruin the temple, either; its maintenance is also essential. Only, you should never forget that what gives value and purpose to it, is the Atma within.

Similarly, with Lokasanthi and Atmasanthi, world peace and individual peace. The temple is Lokasanthi; the Lord within is Atmasanthi. World peace is a means to subserve the Santhi of the individual. The World is the Lord's Mansion. Know it as such. He is moving about in that mansion, in its many rooms. God's worship can be done well only if the temple is clean and pure. So, engage yourselves in winning the two, Santhi for the world and Santhi for yourselves. Do not ignore the Lord whose mansion is the world. Without Him, it is a tomb, not a temple, Savam not Sivam. If you always remember Him, that is Joy and Victory, that is Sarvamangala.