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Lokasanthi is the life-breath of all beings; so, strive ever for that. The Lord can be won only when the sacred motherland is immersed in Santhi. When Prakriti merges in Paramatma, it is called Moksha. So, seekers of Moksha must yearn for the Santhi and Prema of Prakrithi as much as they yearn for the Prema and Grace of Paramatma. Without the Grace of both Prakriti and Paramatma, the strong and subtle evil of the senses cannot be conquered. That is, the destruction of the mind, the stilling of the agitations of the mind cannot be done. Therefore, everyone has to achieve Santhi, as his chief duty.

There are many who argue that Self-respect is Santhi. But, they confuse Self-respect with the respect given to the inferior vehicle, the body, or to one's status. That is, respect to the person, not respect to the Self or Atma. The respect given to the Lord within, the Atma, that is real Self-respect, not anything else. Truth is Atma; pure Prema is Atma; the Lord is Atma; self-less Service is Atma. Respect for these is Self-respect; of this type is, of course, Santhi; not the other types. Keeping the All-merciful Lord, the Personification of Truth, the Lord whose very nature is Prema, always in the memory, that is real, Self-respect. To earn this, one has to cast aside as worthless, the respect that the world accords to wealth and status, to ignore praise and blame, derision and flattery, and engage in Sadhana with full faith in Truth and the Lord. That is real Santhi, pure Santhi, eternal Santhi.

There is no status higher than that of the Lord; no embodiment of His, higher than Truth; no beauty of His, higher than Santhi, no, not even in all the fourteen Lokas and in the entire Creation, now, in the past and for ever and ever. This is the truth, and I repeat it. Truth enveloped in the darkest Maya will still shine brilliantly; however strongly you may imprison it in darkness, its effulgence cannot be suppressed.

Truth can never die; untruth can never live. You must all get firmly established in this belief.