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This is the real duty of man, the real purpose of human birth. If the above-mentioned four qualities are cultivated and practised by each for himself, there will be no envy between man and man; selfish grabbing will cease; the interests of others will be respected; and, world peace can be stablised. Instead, if you yourself have no peace, how can you ensure world peace? Those enthusiastic about world peace must first learn how to experience and enjoy that peace themselves. Later, they can spread that Santhi to the world outside them, and help to promote it.

Everywhere now, one can hear the cry, "World Peace", "World Peace", but the number of persons who can tell how it can be attained is very small! There is no one who can even picture correctly what exactly is meant by Santhi or Peace. For, if one has acquired true Santhi and experienced it, the turmoils and confusions of the world will not be cognised at all. You cannot be aware of its absence if you have it. Santhi means, "the giving up of the activities of the senses". How can such Santhi be spread and 'promoted', by any one who has gained it? It can be experienced, but, it is incapable of being exchanged from person to person. The best that can be done is to show the way to others, to inform others of its sweetness. How can another's hunger be appeased by your eating your food? The diner alone derives satisfaction from the dinner. Santhi too is of such a nature. Each has to earn and experience it for himself, so that all may have it. Love and Fortitude are enough to confer Santhi. But, you should not concentrate on mere outward show; let these virtues saturate your thought, word and deed; that is the way to establish world peace also.

Certain others declare that Prayer can bring about world peace and they ask people to pray. Of course, it is good to pray; but, Santhi can never be gained by that alone. Prayer must be united with practice. You should not pray for one thing and practice another. Such prayer is only a means of deception. The words you utter, the deeds you do, the Prayers you make must all be directed along the same path. While repeating prayers for World Peace or Loka Santhi, if you cannot patiently put up with others, if you slander others and look down upon them, you yourself will have no Santhi; you will have turmoil, instead! And, with the turmoil, all the attendant sorrow and pain!