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To enjoy Santhi, mankind must be controlled and directed by ideals of Dharma; this depends on mutual tolerance in the family; that again is based on individual conduct which is Sathwic: and aims at pleasing every one. Such conduct has a charm, all its own. Avoid in your behaviour, your actions, and your speech all trace of the desire to pain others, to insult others, or to cause loss or misery to others. Find out the best means of reforming yourself thus, practise this type of living, desist from injury to yourself and your own good, and walk always in the path of Truth. That is verily the path of Beauty, that is conduct that is really charming.

For this, large heartedness is essential. One can acquire it only if he has

  • Inborn impulse or Samskara and
  • Bhakthi in every act.

Through Bhakthi or devotion to the Lord one gets humility, fear of sin, and faith in scripture. Through these qualities, littleness of mind is wiped out and man becomes large-hearted. Therefore, O ye Seekers! First direct your efforts towards acquiring Faith in God and Fear of Sin. These two will promote Meekness; and, remember Meekness is Santhi.

Some persons, the sort that have no experience and that do not put their words into practice, go about declaring that the way to Santhi is to keep Samsara at a distance. That is no Santhi; it is just the opposite. If the seed is taken far away from the tree, will it not grow into a tree again? If you do not want it to, you will have to boil it or fry it over a fire. So too, the impulses and vasanas that germinate have to be fried over the fire of discrimination or vichara and then, real Santhi can emerge. Instead, if one escapes only from the responsibilities of Samsara or life in society, Santhi cannot be enjoyed: it will never come. But, if vasanas are controlled and eliminated, there is no need at all to run away. Content with what one has, refusing to be worried by the absence of things which one has not got, trying as far as possible to reduce and eliminate vasanas and passions and hatreds, one should strive to cultivate Sathya and Dharma, Prema and Sahana. Cultivate, and at the same time, practise them systematically.