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Vairagya, of course, does not mean the giving up of hearth and home, or of high estate and even kingdoms. It is the understanding of the Divinity immanent in everything, the fading away of all the distinct Names and Forms, the Ananda of experiencing in everything and every place the Divine which is its Reality, that is the true meaning of the Maha-vakya, Vairagya, Raga-lessness. So long as one cognises the world of Name and of Form, one is burdened with Raga. How can it be Raga-lessness when the mind is immersed in thoughts, feelings and experience of the objective world? One might have given up all but yet be full of these. Such cannot be said to have Vairagya. Surely, even for the acquisition of this pure spirit of Vairagya, Santhi is very necessary.

The Ocean is one and indivisible; but, it is called here, the North Sea and there, the South Sea! So too, the Lord, the Ocean of Grace is one; but He is assigned various names according to the Age or Era of Time. The holy rivers seeking to reach the Ocean flow from all directions; so too, humanity seeks the Lord through various spiritual disciplines and finally merges themselves, all of them, in Krishna.

Mankind can win happiness only through unity and not through diversity. If thoughts and feelings run along the routes of distinction and division, happiness is beyond reach, and Santhi cannot be experienced. Without Santhi, man has no chance to be joyful. Consider the One Indivisible Ocean as the goal; then, what does the direction of the flow matter? What does the name matter? They merge in the self-same sea, is it not? Sadhakas and Bhakthas, adopting the path of Yoga or Bhakthi, or the path of Santhi, Dharma, Sathya and Prema, when they reach the Ocean of Grace at last, Name and Form fade away; distinctions disappear; they are blessed with the merger in the sea of Santhi. So, Unity must ever be kept before the eye; never nourish ideas of difference, of distinct names and forms of the Lord, of paths which are divergent. Such ideas are obstacles for the attainment of Ananda. Avoid these obstacles; develop the equal vision. Remember, Santhi is the royal road to strengthen that vision and reach the Ocean of Grace.