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Santhi can also be defined as true Prema towards the Lord, towards Truth Itself and towards true Dharma. Hence it makes realisation of the Lord possible. Have, therefore, the Lord as your sole aim, hold fast to the desire to realise Him in this very birth, remain unaffected by lust or greed, and by joy and pain, praise and abuse or any such pair of opposites. Fortitude such as this alone leads to Realisation.

Resolve that the purpose of human birth is to reach the Lord through worship. All experience, all knowledge, all actions are towards that end. All that is eaten, all that is heard, must be dedicated towards that goal. The Lord's name is like a mountain of sugar. Approach that mountain, have faith in it, taste it anywhere and experience the Ananda. The highest Bhaktha is he who ever revels in that Ananda. Others there are who live beside the mountain, enjoying for some time the Bliss of the constant remembrance of the Lord and at other times experiencing the objects of the world. Such Bhakthas are of the middle class. Some among the rest devote a quarter of their time to the Lord and three quarters to the world. These are of the lower class of Bhakthas. There are also others who take shelter at the foot of the mountain (the Lord's name) when calamity hits them but move far away from it when the crisis is over. Of these four grades, the highest type of Bhakthas steadily cling to the path and enjoy Bliss throughout their lives. To persist on that path, Santhi is the best comrade; with its help you can render your life holy and fulfil its purpose.

But, one point has to be carefully noted here. When the body suffers from fever or when the mind is otherwise distracted, you do not feel the taste of things you eat. So too when the Lord's name is uttered, if the heart is tainted by Thamoguna, or if the mind is otherwise distracted, you are not aware of the sweetness of the name.

So long as the sugar is on the tongue, you feel the sweetness in the taste. Similarly, so long as the heart has Bhakthi, Santhi and Prema, you feel Ananda.