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If everything is dedicated to the Lord, there will be no room for worry or sorrow or even joy. If you rid yourself thus of attachment, Santhi can never be disturbed. I, my, mine, my own, your, yours... when these ideas take hold of the mind Santhi suffers a set-back. To get the attitude of sincerely offering all to Him, Prema is essential, Prema combined with faith in oneself. That is what is called Bhakthi. Cultivate it steadily every day and derive joy therefrom. Again, one should also have a mind filled with Samarasa, a vision of equality, the conviction that fundamentally all are the same. The spiritual life is not a matter of meaningless talk; it is really life lived in the Atman; it is the experience of pure Ananda; it is just another name for the Full Life.

For a life of Santhi, you should keep your promises and never forget them, you should be courteous and well-mannered; you have to be impartial in your dealings. You should be immersed in the ocean of Bhakthi, and as immovable as the Himalayas. Remove from the garden of your heart the thorny bushes of greed and anger, jealousy and selfishness, the evil breed of 'I' and 'Mine'. Uproot them even when they emerge as seedlings. All this discipline is truly discipline for earning Santhi.

First, be convinced that you are the Universal, Immortal Atma. That will make every subsequent Sadhana easy. Instead, if you fondle the illusion that you are the body, the senses, or only the jivi, this individual self, any Sadhana that you do is just tender rot-ridden fruit; it will never grow and become ripe, the sweet fruit of Santhi cannot be won even at the end of many lives. To experience yourself as the embodiment of Santhi, you must proceed from the faith that you are such an embodiment. Give up the theory that you are the body and the senses. This will lead to the receding of the Vasanas also. When Vasanas recede, you acquire mastery and gain Santhi.