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Instead, if the bitter qualities of lust, anger and envy germinate in the heart, fear, anxiety and sloth will be the fruits thereof. You must have noticed the crane walking silently or standing motionless, in order to catch fish. If it plunges head-long or runs about helter-skelter, can it get the fish? Similarly the Lord, in the fish-forms of Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, and Prema can never be won, when the hullabaloo of lust, anger, greed, egoism and envy is rampant in the heart.

The Ananda that transcends all ananda can be achieved, if a single Sadhana, the constant remembrance of the Lord's Name is practised and, if as a consequence, Santhi is attained. By this, the evil tendencies of the lower nature can also be conquered. Know that Paramatma is the goal of Man; direct all attention on that goal; control the mind that wanders away from it, this is the essence of the teaching of all the Sastras. Practise this one discipline, and you have practised all the Sastras.

Note this: the Kauravas enjoyed the benefits of the Punya that they did in previous births, but while so engaged, they revelled in evil deeds; the Pandavas, on the other hand, while suffering from the evil deeds of their past births, engaged themselves in Punya. This is the difference between the wise and the unwise. When hardships overwhelm you, know that it is the consequence of your own past deeds, do not lay the blame on the Lord and develop a grouse against Him; do not pay heed, to trouble or take it as such; but, engage yourself in the service of others and in deeds of merit; continue relying on the Name of the Lord as support; that is the sign of the wise; that is acting Pandava-like. To strengthen this attitude, Santhi is a great source of help. Basking in the happiness born of Punya, you should not be tempted to commit deeds of evil. You should strive to perform even more meritorious deeds. Then you can make your lives holier and purer and reach the Divine Presence. Such striving is the sign of the highest character. Establishing oneself in Santhi through this type of character and attaining Liberation or Moksha - this is the secret of a successful life, the duty of every individual.