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The Atman is not these five senses, nor buddhi, nor the Pranas nor the life-force; it can only be described as what it is not, not by what it is. No one can say It is thus etc. If any one says it is thus and thus or it is this or it is that, we can take it that he does not know a wee bit of it at all. About something unknown, much can be said; anything, any name can be ascribed to it. In short, the Atman cannot be communicated by words; it is impossible to describe it whoever may try.

Ananda is the innate nature of Man. But, the pity is, he is searching for it everywhere except where it is available. Ananda is not something lifeless and inactive. It is another name for purposeful living. Santhi is the authority under which the rule of Ananda prevails. It lays down the limits and laws for all activities. It must be made so stable that it is unaffected by the ever-wandering mind or the outward-bound senses. It can only be experienced, personally, through the natural state of Jnana. It is the most precious treasure. He who grasps that which is deathless, that which can not be destroyed, that which is not modified, he is the enjoyer of Santhi. He too has no death.

Santhi is a shoreless ocean: It is the Light that illumines the world. Having it, is having all. It confers knowledge of both this world and that. It leads to the understanding of Brahman, the very fulfillment of human life, which Vedantha tries to teach.

Pure love can emanate only from a heart immersed in Santhi, for it is an atmosphere that pervades and purifies. Santhi is not a conviction arrived at by means of logic. It is the Discipline of all disciplined lives. The mind of man is as a blank sheet of white paper when he is born. As soon as thinking, feeling and acting starts, the process of tarnishing the mind also starts, the body depends on Prana; it depends on the mind and the desires that agitate the mind. Right and Truth are befogged by the needs of manners, fashion, convention, custom etc and the individual is thrown into a crowd. His solitariness is invaded and taken away.