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The discipline of the self is the basic foundation for successful living. Through that alone can man attain real and lasting Peace. And, without peace, there can be no happiness. Santhi is the very nature of the Atman. It co-exists only with a pure heart; it is never associated with a greedy heart full of desires. Santhi is the distinguishing mark of Yogis, Rishis, and Sathpurushas. It does not depend on external conditions. It will flee away from the selfish, and the sensual. It hates the company of such persons. It is the characteristic of the Inner Atma, wonderful, unshakable, and permanent.

Santhi is full of spiritual uplift and the wisdom that is the natural accompaniment of bliss. Genuine Santhi is won by the control of the senses only. Then it can be called Prashanthi. The experience of that stage is as the Stream of Peace. Calming the mental agitation that surges like waves leveling the swirls and whirls of likes, dislikes, love, hate, sorrow, joy, hope, despair, Santhi is earned and maintained, without disturbance. Santhi is of the nature of the Atman. The Atma is imperishable. It does not die like the body and mind. It is universal, it is subtle and its very nature is knowledge. So, Santhi also partakes of these characteristics. Knowledge of the Atman destroys illusion, doubt and sorrow. Hence, Atmajnana confers the steadiest Santhi, and with it Holiness and Happiness.

The Atma is not the Object of Knowledge; it is the very source and spring of knowledge. Jnana is that which shows the way to the ripening, the fruition, the freedom, the immortality, the eternal happiness, and the eternal peace. He who is carried away by the vagaries of the senses cannot attain the Atman. Brahman is the one, Unchanging, in this changing world. The Atman is not tarnished by the external transformation or changes, or modifications. Glory of the body is not the Atman; the Atman is, really speaking, nothing positable. It is neither this nor that. It can be said to be only It, the Atman, the Brahman. Brahman itself has become Sathya, Prema, Light, Santhi, Jnana and Paramananda. Through any of these paths, you can attain Brahman; have no doubt about that. It is the Truth.