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Therefore, the mind must first be calmed and quietened. Then only can the body be healthy and the intellect sharp. The mind is projected at one time only on a single object, not on many. But, it is still a conglomeration of thoughts, desires, fancies, imaginings and the rest; in fact, the mind has inside it, in a nutshell, the entire history of creation. That is the Maya Mould of man. The mind is the Kurukshetra where good and bad, right and wrong contest for supremacy. Iron has to be beaten flat by iron alone. So too, the inferior, low mind has to be shaped better by the superior mind itself. One has to make his mind superior and stronger for the task of personal uplift.

That is the purpose of this Prashanthivahini. Drink deep the waters of this Stream, the waters of discipline indicated therein; immerse yourself in it and become cleansed; may its coolness refresh your sorrows and your pains, and quench the fires of sin.

Another disease has now begun to spread in the world to weaken and lessen Santhi. There are plenty who, parrot-like, purvey wholesome advice on morals, religion and discipline: They do not practise even a single bit of it themselves. The so-called elders know only how to speak, not how to act. How can those who teach how to act, know to speak about it? Words devoid of experience - that is the illness which afflicts the world today.

This must first be treated and removed, for Peace is warped thereby for mankind. To speak is easy for all. The real Sadhaka, however, is he who acts and then speaks from experience. He who merely speaks but does not act is the person who brings about disaster. Such dangerous Sadhakas and Sadhus have multiplied and they have confused the true path. Innocent and simple-minded devotees who attach themselves to such are also being led astray and duped. Let the readers and the Sadhakas watch first the conduct, and then choose. If there is no observance of the advice given, treat them with the respect due to a phonograph record; nothing more. The record is to be treated as a record only, not as Godhead, until you reach the stage when the truth of "Everything is God" becomes patent to you. It is a greater mistake and sin to say, "All is God" in mere words only and, while doing so, treat some as unholy in actual practice.