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Travel - Taxi

- If a person owns a car and travels in it, don't be jealous. Satisfy yourself that you have your legs to help you walk.

A Taxi ride from Bangalore to Prashanthi Nilayam takes three to four hours. The road is in good condition and open year round.

Travel Tips

For safety reasons it is advisable not to travel between Bangalore and Puttaparthi in the evening or at night. Also the gates at Prashanthi Nilayam are closed from 21.00 to 04.00.

The cost of the ride corresponds typically to a good meal for a single person in a restaurant of a Western country.

When booking a taxi in advance ask the operator to receive you at the airport with your name on a panel. It might otherwise happen that somebody unauthorised may take the opportunity.

Try to avoid the Bangalore rush hour between 16.00 and 18.00 h in the afternoon.

Besides taxis there are daily trains running from Bangalore Railway Station to Puttaparthi and there is also a daily public bus service from Bangalore Bus Terminal to Puttaparthi operated by APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation). Please enquire details from the ground personnel of your airline on arrival.

Last updated: July 17, 2001 - Quote from Discourse, Kodaikanal, Apr 1998