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- In an ordinary train, you may have to shift compartments. This is like the path of action. You have to exert. Whereas in a through train, you do not have to change, it is a through carriage. This is the Bhakti path.

Indian trains are of good value. If you know your major itinerary well in advance, try to reserve seats from abroad through your local travel agent. Inside India you can book your ticket for any train on the Indian Railways network at more than 600 computerised reservation centres across the country. To check the actual timetable or the availability of seats for a specific train, please use the Indian Railways Website.

The nearest railway station to reach Prashanthi Nilayam is Puttaparthi (a few kilometers outside of town). A new railway line linking Bangalore and Puttaparthi has been completed in the year 2000.

Travel Tips

Most cross-country trains run in several categories. The most important ones are 2A, 3A and SL which provide you with a sleeping place. The "A" stands for Air Condition. "2-Tier AC Sleeper" and "3-Tier AC Sleeper" insulate you completely from the outside world whereis the "SL Sleeper" class (without air condition) allows you a first hand Indian travel experience. For shorter journeys you may also book tickets in a chair car class. Especially fast, comfortable but somewhat expensive trains are marked with the label "Rajdhani Express Train" or "Shatabdi Express Train".

You can usually reserve your tickets 60 days in advance (restrictions apply to some intercity day express trains).

For longer journeys an INDRAIL pass with a validity of up to 90 days is recommended as each train may have 1 or 2 seats kept aside as a quota to be first given to INDRAIL holders. Foreigners and non-resident Indians can buy an INDRAIL pass at major railway stations in India on production of a passport. If you know you want a rail pass, it may be prudent to buy it before you go to India from a travel agency. Train reservations are a must (with or without a rail pass).

The International Tourist Bureau situated on the first floor of New Delhi Railway Station provides service and assistance to foreign tourists regarding reservations, itinerary planning and other inquiries.
Contact: The Manager, International Tourist Bureau, 1st Floor, New Delhi Railway Station, New Delhi 110 001, India.
Phone 91-11-3734164; Fax 91-11-3343050.

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