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Now shall I reveal what the children of India have been doing? They neither open the pages nor peruse the contents nor even concern themselves about them. Only one in a million reads them, but, even he is ridiculed as a fool and a crank. The books are laughed at as a conglomeration of lies and legends and they argue about the historicity of the books and their authors. They dismiss the Sanskrit language as "Very hard to learn" and pass on the treasure to scholars from other lands. What a sad spectacle is this? It would have been some compensation if they attended carefully to the study of their mother tongue; but, even this they do not do; it is neglect, neglect everywhere.

No. I do not condemn worldly happiness. I feel glad when people are happy. But, please do not believe that this happiness is permanent. I want that you should study all the arts and sciences for acquiring worldly happiness. But, I want all to remember that this happiness is not everlasting.

Permanent happiness can be secured only through one Vidya, the Upanishad Vidya. That is the science of God-realisation, that is the Teaching of the Rishis. That alone can save Man and grant him peace. There is nothing higher than that; this is an indisputable fact. Whatever your joy and sorrow, whatever the subjects you have specialised in for a living, have your eyes riveted on Brahma Vidya. If intelligence alone is sharpened, without the growth and practice of virtues, and if mere information is stored in the brain, the world cannot progress and its welfare will be in jeopardy.

But people now seem to be losing faith in virtues, for, the educational system does not assign any place for spiritual teaching or training. True education does not content itself with filling the brain with cumbersome junk. That education alone is beneficial which gives full scope for the blossoming of all the virtues which distinguish man. Next