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Men are failing to keep steady faith in such invaluable declaration. This is the worst sacrilege. Judged properly, Bharathadesa is of all countries, the holiest. The meaningful Yajna and Yoga that originated in Bharathadesa, the way of life followed by the people here are not found in any other country or the history of any other people. Such intensive cultivation of the spirit, such supremely useful spiritual literature, arose out of the experiences of the people of this country! It holds the very first place in this field. The Four Vedas, the six Darsanas, the eighteen Purnas, the Bhashyas of the Acharyas, and besides these, the Disciplines and Methods of Sadhana expounded by the great souls, who have answered questions like, What is meant by life? What is the meaning of God? What transformations take place on death, in the Jivi? etc. No other place is so congenial for Rishis and Mahatmas as this country. Here, there are persons who have tasted the entire gamut of spiritual bliss. This country played the chief role in spreading the doctrine of Ahimsa taught in Buddhism. The land that gave birth to Buddha is Bharathadesa. When the spiritual experience, the essence of the Sastras of the Sanathana Dharma of this sacred Land is being treasured by other countries, what about the fate of those who do not realise its worth but are engaged in squeezing the essence out and making it dry?

So, arise, all ye who aspire to take up the Adhyatmic Sadhana! Immerse yourselves in actual practice! Strengthen your Faith! Cultivate it! Make Santhi your secure possession! Saturate your lives with Ananda! Enjoy the Vision of Atmarama! Arise and delay not!

The mind should not be permitted to wander as it fancies. It must be controlled without the least tenderness of mercy. Why? If possible, one should aim even at its destruction, that is to say, making the mind keep away from contact with worldly objects. It is only when that is done that man can grasp his real identity. The realisation of that Reality is the state called Mukthi. Then all varieties of troubles and travails, doubts and dilemmas, come to an end. Man then overcomes sorrow, delusion and anxiety and is established in the holy calmness of Santhi.