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To earn that calmness, steady effort and concord are essential, in the same manner as for the nourishing of the Sastra and of the world. When Santhi is acquired, then, it is all concord, Samarasa. Samarasa is the very nature of Santhi. Everyone should be endowed with that Santhi and that Samarasa and establish an Age of Belief or Asthikam devoid of un-Sastric behaviour, attitude, conduct habits and character.

For this purpose, an army of Sadhakas has to be trained in Ashramas and Centres of Asthikam, working in various parts. This is the responsibility mainly, of those who run the Ashramas for, they must have Faith in themselves in order to train the army along sound lines. Otherwise, things will get more confounded. The elders and the 'great', the so-called big personages, they by their practices are responsible for the evident loss of Faith in Sastras, in oneself and the consequent discord and disquiet. Hence, they must all gird up their loins to re-establish and restore Santhi.

Bhakthi is the very fountainhead of this Santhi, and so, if every one plants it in his heart and nourishes it with care and constant attention, a harvest of Goodness and Concord can be reaped. The path of Bhakthi is the best, under present conditions.

That is why the Bhagavatha is saturated with Bhakthi. Without Bhakthi, the Lord cannot be understood. Sakthi, however high and mighty, if it intends to protect and foster the world, has to assume the human form itself. That form alone will be suitable for all to listen to and learn from, honour and serve; those who have no Bhakthi will take that form as merely human, for they cannot grasp the Absolute Principle, the Parathathwa. This is the reason why it is said in the Githa:

Avajaananthi maam moodha maanusheem thanumaasritham
Param bhaavamajaanantho mama bhoothamaheswaram.