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Each is born for some task, but, all can exist only on the self-same food and drink, Santhi; for without it there is no Ananda. Santhi embellishes every act; it softens the hardest core of man; it takes you to the footstool of the Lord and wins for you the vision of God. It knows no distinction; it is a force that establishes equality. It is the honey of Prema in the enchanting flower of Life. It is a prime need for the Yogi and the Sadhaka. Having acquired it, they can realise the Reality, tomorrow, if not today. They should put up with all the obstacles in the way and Santhi will give them the strength needed for it. Through Santhi alone can Bhakthi expand and Jnanam strike root. Jnanam, born of Santhi is the one and only means of living the full life or the life that knows no death; for, the inquiry, "Who am I?" clears the path for Realisation. So, man must wait patiently and quietly, placing his faith on the Grace and Wisdom of the Lord. Such an inquirer will be ever earnest and penitent. Man becomes fearless and therefore full of Santhi through another conviction also that the Lord is everywhere, visibly present.

To earn Santhi, its inveterate enemy Anger must be laid low. Anger is the harvest of the tantalising mind; it enslaves man and fogs his understanding. Understanding becomes easy when you are full of Bhakthi, and your devotion is deep-rooted. The form of Bhakthi called Santha-Bhakthi - is the best path for attaining eternal, everlasting Ananda. Become the messengers of the Santhi that has no beginning or end. Hold forth for humanity the Light of Santhi. Live the ideal life, ever contented, ever joyous, and ever happy.

The Sadhakas and Bhakthas of old reached their goal through Santhi only. Santhi gave Ramdas, Tukaram, Kabir, Thyagaraja, Nandanar etc., the fortitude needed to bear all the calumny, torture and travail that was their lot. If Sadhakas base their efforts on these examples, they will be free of anger, despair or doubt. The accounts of their struggles and successes, if contemplated upon, are more useful to the Sadhaka than the contemplation of the powers and accomplishments of the Lord. They will help him to try out in their own experience the methods, which these others developed. One can attain Santhi by recalling how they overcame handicaps, bore troubles, and what paths they trod to cross over to the other bank.