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The Lord loves the Inner, not the Outer. But, you should not neglect the outer; even in the outward behaviour and act you should manifest the inner feeling; that gives a chance for experiencing the feeling of Quietitude and Santhi in fuller measure, for the taste of that Santhi must be enjoyed through thought, word, gesture and deed. It is only when Santhi is enjoyed in all these four, that it becomes Paripoorna, or Complete; in other words, then the Manas fades away and the stage designated as genuine Santhi or Yoga is reached.

Philosophy that cannot be understood, scriptures that are not practised - the present world is full of such - it is a waste to talk of these. Real change must be made in the daily conduct and behaviour of man, for these are within the experience of all, they can be easily practised, and their purpose can be clearly grasped. It is only when these are transformed that the inner Atma, deeper, more mysterious and more essential, can be understood. In every little act, activity and word, one should discriminate and adopt the best; that is the sign of the genuine Sadhaka.

Neither Santhi, nor the Bhakthi that gives it, can be got through another; it has to be created and developed, each one for himself. Still, one should have also the grace of the Lord, which is fundamental. As said in the Upanishad, "Yameva vrunuthe thena labhyah", "He whom He chooses, He gets it." But the Sadhaka may doubt, "What then is the need for Sadhana?" He who thinks of the Lord with devotion can overcome any type of Prarabdha or Sanchitha, inherited or accumulated Karma. With His Grace, he can experience even unattainable Ananda. Do not doubt the usefulness of Sadhana; it can never be fruitless, no, for any one. Hold firm to that conviction. Unshaken Bhakthi will win the grace of the Lord. Gajendra is an example of this.