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Chapter XXII

Arjuna questioned further, on the basis of Krishna's answers. "You described the characteristics of the votary of the Saguna aspect of Godhead. You said that persons with such characteristics are Yogis. I am indeed happy that I came to know all this. But just as the Saguna votaries have characteristics, the votaries of the attribute-less Godhead, the Nirguna aspect, they too must have characteristics by which they can be recognised, is it not? Please tell me about them; I would like to know."

At this, Nandakumara of lovely form replied, "Arjuna! The votaries of the Nirguna aspect must acquire full control of their senses. Next, they must be unaffected by circumstances. Third, they must be of service to others in distress. Such will be the nature of the Upasakas of Akshara, the Imperishable."

Readers might therefore infer that the characteristics of the votaries of the Saguna and the Nirguna or Akshara aspects of Godhead are all identical. Arjuna was overjoyed at Krishna's reply. He exclaimed, "I have now clearly understood this point. But I want you to tell me how I ought to proceed, how I must act to win the Lord's grace", and fell at the feet of Krishna. Narayana lifted Nara (Arjuna) and said this to him, "Arjuna! You have no need now for acquiring the characteristics of either of these. They are not within easy reach. I shall tell you of a path that is easier than these two. That path will surely confer on you My grace.

"This is that path: Establish your mind and intelligence in Me. If you cannot accomplish this and find it difficult, give up your egoism and carry on activities that are moral and holy. If even this is too difficult, give up attachment to the consequences of all your acts; offer them to Me as Krishna-arpanam. Offering your acts to Me should not be a mere vocal exercise. Take care that you do so by word, by deed and by thoughts, Manovaak-karma, as they say."

"Do you feel that even this is beyond you? Then you will be made aware of the aftermath." After saying this much, Krishna sat silent for a while.