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This Bhakthi is not something that can be imported from somewhere; it is not something that is supplied by someone. It does not grow from the ground or fall from the skies. It wells up from oneself, it is selfless attachment to the Lord. The attachment, the love that is inherent in man, should not flow wildly in diverse channels; it should flow uninterruptedly in the direction of God; then it becomes Bhakthi. This love is in every living being; birds and beasts, insects and worms - all have love, inspiring them, filling them, to the extent that is appropriate to each. In short, life is love; love is life.

Each member of all living species has many-sided love towards offspring, parents, comforts and guards, its food and drink, its joys and plays. Each of these types of love or attachment has a distinct name suited to the objects on which it is fixed. It is called affection when directed towards offspring; it is named infatuation when it is directed towards persons who are less fortunate; comradeship when flowing towards equals; attachment when extended to goods or places; it becomes fascination in some cases, friendship in others. When it is directed towards elders and teachers and parents, it becomes reverence, humility, etc.

But Bhakthi is a word that is used only with reference to love as directed to the Lord. When this love is broken up into many streams flowing in many directions and towards many points, it causes only grief, for it gets fixed on mortal things of the moment.

Instead, allow the love to flow single-pointedly to the ocean of the Lord's grace: this is the Sadhana called Bhakthi. Why waste life in the salty marsh of Samsara? Strive rather to reach the vast ocean of grace. There you realise yourself; you attain Sath-chith-anandam. Great is that consummation; how filled with bliss!

The Gopikas strove and succeeded in this Sadhana. Every moment, under every condition, every thought, word and deed of the Gopikas was dedicated to the lotus feet of Sri Krishna. That is why the Gopikas are called "Yogis". When Lord Krishna Himself addresses the Gopis as Yogis, you can gauge the height of spiritual Sadhana they had achieved.