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Chapter XV

"Karma is of My Nature; I manifest Myself as Karma," said Krishna, to the great consternation of Arjuna. He made it clear that all Karma is divine, of His essence! "It is enough if you know that Brahmam, the universal Atma, the individual and Karma are all three in Me; knowledge of this will confer release. You need not worry about the rest," said Krishna, as if He wanted to avoid further discussion. Evidently, Krishna wanted to take the chariot into the ranks of the foes and start the conflict, for time was flying fast.

But, Arjuna was adamant; he was different. Ordinary men would not have argued even so long with Krishna. When Krishna says, "Do not worry about the rest," one should stop worrying. But Arjuna was the right interrogator for Krishna and Krishna was the right teacher for Arjuna; in fact, they are Nara-Narayana, is it not? Hence, the appropriateness, the interest and value of this dialogue.

Arjuna was not content to leave the matter at that; he did not accept Krishna's assurance. "Tell me about the remaining three also, O Lord," he pleaded. "Save me from the coils of doubt," he prayed. "Destroy the darkness and reveal to me Your reality," he insisted. At this Krishna melted a little. He fondly stroked Arjuna's back and replied, "Do not grieve; I shall tell you all. Adhibhutham, about which I mentioned, is not such a formidable tangle. It is something quite within the reach of all. Everything that declines and dies, everything that has Rupa and Nama, form and name, is included in Adhibutham."

"To put it in other words, Adhibutham is Aparaa-prakrithi; all these embodied things, on this side and on the other and everywhere are Adhibutham. In spite of this, they are not different from Me," said Krishna, pausing meaningfully. He did not continue the exposition!

The ways of the Lord are known only to Him. No one else can make out their meaning and purpose. Attempting to unravel them is a fruitless task.

"They are not different from Me!" At these words Arjuna was petrified with surprise. His head became heavy with doubt. His intelligence was befogged. His conviction was shaken. Doubts multiplied in his brain in frightening sequence. Why did he suffer like this? What was the reason for all this upset?