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Then Arjuna prayed that the third subject, Karma, may be fully explained to him. Krishna was quite ready to oblige him. He began, "Arjuna! The limitation that is necessary for the creation, fostering and destruction of beings is what is called Karma. The moveable and the immoveable, all are beings; why, the very act of the resolution for creation is Karma, the very first, which still activates all everywhere - this entire universe and the movements and agitations and activities in it are the direct consequence of primal Karma, My Sankalpa. And as long as My resolution lasts, the stream of Karma will flow along. It can never go dry so long as I do not will it. All that you do is to get drawn into this flood; why, you are but currents in this rush, or ripples or waves. My will has prompted all Karma and so Karma done in consonance with My will, becomes part of Me."