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The seen is Transitory; this is seen through Dhyana. When people wander helter-skelter, not knowing the road, in a strange land; and when some one comes to direct them along the right path, it is not just that he is laughed at and dishonoured; it brings about only ruin and confusion! But today it has become the habit of man to curdle the Prema, these embodiments of Love into Poison through their ignorance of the role of helpfulness which these guides have come to play. Love and Destruction arise from the same native spot. Note this! The same sea which yielded gems, the moon, nectar and the Goddess of Wealth, brought forth the world-destroying Hala-hala poison, too. Under these conditions man must, like Sri Narayana, accept the good and the auspicious; otherwise, he cannot have nectar and Lakshmi. The heroic and the adventurous, like Siva, can have the Poison as their need. This Sea of Life or Samsara, turbulent with the waves of joy and misery, can be crossed only by those who have an unflinching desire for Bliss; the rest will be submerged.

The capacity to overcome the gunas of Prakriti is not inherent in any one; it comes to one with the Grace of the Lord. And that Grace is to be won by Japa and Dhyana. This must first be clearly understood: it is impossible for every one to control the tendencies of Prakriti; the power is possessed only by those who have Prakriti in their grip and whose commands Prakriti does obey. Prakriti is the basis of everything in the Universe. It is the basis of Creation and Existence. All this is Prakriti: men or women, beasts or birds, trees or plants; in fact, all that can be seen is inseparable from Prakriti. In this endless Prakriti, the active element, the Purusha, is the Lord. The truth has to be experienced, in order that it might not slip away from consciousness; and the discipline needed for this is also Japa and Dhyana. This Prakriti is like an ocean; even if it is agitated a little, crores of living beings will be destroyed. When the sea becomes slightly ruffled, ships break like hollow reeds; at no time can you cross this sea by your own effort, alone. The Lord's Grace is essential; so pray for that Raft; and when you secure it you can reach the shore in a trice.

Everything in this world is ephemeral, transitory; it is here today but it may not be here tomorrow. So, if you desire to crave for something, seek the Lord, who has no decline. Instead, if you crave for progency, wealth and all comforts, you will suffer untold misery when you are called upon to leave everything and depart. At that moment, you would lament, 'Oh, did I love so deep that I may weep so loud?' In this transitory life, joy and pain are also perforce transitory. So, to get immersed in this search for the evanescent and to forget the Supreme and the Everlasting is, indeed, humiliating to man. Ignoring Madhava who is free from Maya and spending time in things immersed in Maya is fruitless; sorrow alone is the final gain. There is nothing here fit to be worshipped as Eternal. Whomsoever you love, that love has to come to an end. The self-same Lord gives, and takes! He gives and takes as and when He wishes. Everything is His; so how foolish it is to lament when things belonging to Him are taken back by Him? The wise man will, therefore not pine over any one or feel undue attachment to anything. Let all the pining and all the attachment be for the Lord; He alone is eternal; He is the source of all Joy. For the rest, love a thing as a thing, not more. Love Man as Man, not more. If you love them more, it is a sign that you have been deceived about their real nature. You can behave only for a short time as if the house you have rented out is your own. For, as soon as the period is over, it passes on to another. Next