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When the baby is unable to walk, the mother encourages it to toddle a few steps at a time at home and then it is allowed to go on the road. Instead, if it is put on the road first, how can it learn? Besides, what of the dangers of the road? So also, first the internal factors have to be strengthened; then the external factors like moral conduct etc., become easy. Morals without the basis of internal uplift will not be deep-seated. So the cultivation of the consciousness of the Atma is primary.

The aim of Sadhana is to remove the motive, the wish, the Vasana or attachment, the yearning for the fruit. Understanding this clearly, the Sadhaka must not give way to any dispiritedness, despondency or feeling of failure or doubt. He must be patient and bear things with fortitude. The Sadhaka must, therefore, develop within himself enthusiasm, faith, activity and joy: keeping constantly before him the Great Big Result of his effort, he must boldly discard all temptations. Since these latter are but short-lived and weak, they can be overcome with ease, with a little patience. If the Sadhaka is not vigilant and patient, all the success he has achieved will melt away in an unguarded moment.

Sadhakas, Yogis and Sanyasis have to climb a ladder, the steps of which are Savitharka, Nirvitharka, Savichara, Nirvichara, Sammatha; etc., that is to say, Argumentation, No-argumentation, Analysis, Non-analysis, Agreement, etc. The knowledge of the world is not real knowledge. It is relative knowledge; the knowledge of the non-real. The knowledge of the eternal Absolute is the Real knowledge. That is acquired by Dhyana. The fire of Dhyana and Yoga will reduce to ashes the sapless activities of the Manas. Immediately thereafter, the Jnana of the Real will flash; it will shine with undiminished effulgence; its Light will never go out. For those established in this Real Jnana, there is no past, there is no future; all ages are to them in the present, in the actual moment of experience. Just as soap is necessary to make this external body clean, to clean the interior Manas, Japa, Dhyana, Smarana, etc., are needed. As food and drink are needed to keep the body strong, the Contemplation of the Lord, the meditation on the Atma, are needed to give strength to the Manas. Without this food and drink, the Manas will be tottering this way and that. So long as the waves are agitating the top, the bottom cannot be seen. When the waves of desire agitate on the waters of the Manas, how can one see the Atma, which is at its base? The tottering causes the waves. So feed the mind with the contemplation of the Lord. Clean it with the meditation of the Atma. Dhyana and Sadhana alone can clean the depths of the mind and give it strength. Without purity and strength, the Atma recedes into the distance. And Peace flees from Man. Asanthi establishes itself firmly. Next