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The characteristic of Nature is 'to manifest as manifold'; the characteristic of the Divine is 'to absorb into unity.' So, whoever dislikes or hates another or demeans and denigrates another is indeed a fool; for he is thereby disliking, hating, demeaning or denigrating only himself! Only, he is unaware of this truth. Vidya instructs man to establish himself in this Truth and demonstrates the underlying Divinity.

In the garden of the heart, one must plant and foster the Rose of Divinity, the Jasmine of Humility and Generosity as the Champak. In the medicine chest of each student, one must keep in readiness tablets of discrimination, drops of self-control and three powders: faith, devotion and patience. By the use of these drugs, he can escape the serious illness called ignorance (Ajnana).

There are many destructive forces in the world; but, luckily, there are also, along with them, constructive forces. Students of Vidya should not turn into worshippers of bombs and yantras. They must transform themselves into active persons worshipping Madhava and Mantras. Authority and power are powerful intoxicants. They pollute and poison man until he is destroyed. They breed misfortune. But Vidya will confer on them fullness and fortune. Next