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Chapter V

Education must determine and delve into the nature and characteristics of spiritual search for the Absolute or the Overself or Paramatma. It must prove its true character by manifesting as a spring of morality, laying down, axioms of virtue. Vidya is its own visible proof. It is the root of faith in every Faith. It prepares the mind of man to appreciate and adhere to Faith and to direct man's living along that course. This has been named Philosophy.

Philosophy means love of knowledge. Knowledge is a treasure of incalculable richness. Education is the relentless pursuit of knowledge, urged by love for its value and undeterred by difficulties. Vidya tries to probe behind the forms assumed by things and the appearances they put on and discover the reality that alone can explain them. The Truth has to be known and lived by; the Truth has to be visualised; this is the function of Vidya.

Vidya is the effulgence that permeates a full life. In the West, Vidya deals more with concepts and conjectures; in the East, Vidya deals more with Truth and Totality. The Principle sought by Vidya is beyond the field of the senses. Man is a triune composite of body, mind and spirit (Atma). As a consequence, he has three natures in his make up

  • a low, animal nature,
  • a human nature, replete with worldly knowledge and skill, and
  • the genuine nature of man, namely, the divine Atmic nature.

Being aware of this third nature and establishing oneself in that - this is Vidya. Next