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Dear Reader

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has come among men and is providing spiritual sustenance and guidance, in order to re-establish Truth, Justice, Peace and Love as the main-spring of individual, social and national life. He is using for this great task ancient and modern instruments, Sanathana Dharma and science. His writings, discourses and conversations which correct, communicate and convince are full of statements and commentaries on the discoveries of physical and metaphysical sciences.

This book which gives, in English, His articles (first published in Telugu in the Sanathana Sarathi) on the Ten Upanishads (invaluable text-books on spiritual discipline and on the glorious fruit of spiritual adventure) will reveal to you the vast limitless Mercy which impels Him to save us from trivialities and prompts Him to guide us along, until we reach the Goal of Life.

Making us tread the path discovered by the Sages of the past, inducing us to revere their Light and their Message, illumining in us the Flame of Knowledge which dispels delusion - that is what Bhagavan, with His Supreme Love, does for us in this book.

Let us read it with care, recapitulate it with earnestness in the silence of our hearts and practise it with humility and faith, in every turn of thought, in every tilt of tongue and in every digit of deed.

N. Kasturi Next