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Colour and Caste?

Hindu Dharma and its rules of life are based on Varna and Asrama. Let us take first the principle of Varna in religion. The word Maya used in Vedantha discussions has generally been the target for indifference, neglect and criticism. So too Varna. Varna and the distinctions based on it are condemned as the artifices of man. Maya is condemned likewise as against all reason, for it disregards the world calling it illusion. The Smrithi declares, "Chaathur varnyam, maya srshtam" (the four varnas are created by Me); the Sruthi says, "Brahmanosya mukham aseeth; baahooraajanyah krthah etc." (the Brahmin emerged from the face, the Kshatriyas rose from the arms). It is clear Varna is created by the Lord. Nevertheless, if it is propagated that the Varna system has brought about disastrous distinctions the fault lies in misinterpreting the word.

Are there in society now genuine Varnas? What exactly is Varna? Is any attempt made to discover that fact? No. Varna is just a word; every word has a meaning and Varna too ought to mean something, should it not? To prove that trees exist, the word 'tree' is enough. A word is just sound but it indicates something existing. The sound 'elephant' is the proof of the existence of that animal. So too, when the sounds 'cat', 'dog', 'fox' are heard, the forms of those animals present themselves before the mind's eye. The sounds were there even before us. We were born into the tangle of sounds. We did not originate them. We require groups of men and things if there is a wish to originate sound and shape it into a meaningful word. So, for every current word, a meaning must adhere. We cannot impose on it the meaning we choose. The words with their implications are there, already, even before our birth. We just use them, whichever we want, whenever we need.