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The Avatar as Guru

The Cosmos or Creation, Time, Karma or Activity - all these are manifestations of the will of God and are bound to Him. They are considered by some as 'false' and 'unreal'; but, how can God who is the very embodiment of Sathya or Truth 'will' anything not true? Therefore, it can be said that these two are true, in one way. When evolution changes over into involution and the ultimate stage of mergence of both the conscious and the unconscious is reached, Iswara is the only One existent.

Time is the manifestation of the power of God, and so it has no end or beginning which can be measured. Karma too is an important Truth to be reckoned as such. Iswara is no wayward force, which is unmindful of bounds and limits. He creates situations and environments strictly according to the activities that men had engaged in during their previous lives. The Creation, the Time and the Karma - all three are true in Iswara and true along with Iswara. They are instruments which He uses. They are bound to Him.

Iswara or God though not perceptible to the senses ordinarily, becomes so perceptible to the devotee who has such deep attachment to Him that he yearns to merge in Him. Why? Such devotees perceive God as clearly as they perceive external objects. God or Iswara is said to be Formless; that is to say, He can assume or adopt any form. He has endless Forms. Then, in what Form does He grant the clear Vision to the devotee? He manifests in the Form that the devotee yearns for, the Form which will grant him the highest satisfaction. These Forms are His Avatars. Iswara does not limit Himself when He thus manifests; He is fully present in every such Avatar; He manifests Himself with His full Glory in every Avatar.