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Of what nature, with what characteristics, is the Iswara you teach? This question is irrelevant to us. It is not so important. Let us not dispute about the various points of view that divide persons. Enough for us if Iswara is accepted and emphasised. For even though one description and delineation might be better and clearer than another, no delineation and description can be 'bad'. One declaration would be 'good'; the second one would be 'better' and the third one, 'best'. But in the stream of Bharathiya spiritual Adventure, no description or picturisation can be pronounced 'bad and unacceptable'. That is the reason why, Iswara confers Grace on all those who teach any Name and any Form that can attract and inspire man, as sacred and valid. May this faith grow from more to more. For, it brings more spiritual progress, the more it is acted upon. Only, the aspiration must be related to God or Iswara.

4. For spiritual exploration and discovery, there can be no qualification like wealth or disqualification like poverty. This truth has to be handed down to the children by Bharathiya parents. They have to grow up with this broad feeling.

5. Bharathiyas do not accept the belief, held by persons belonging to other countries, that the Universe was manifested a few thousand years ago and that it will be destroyed finally and for ever, at some future date. Bharathiyas will not accept the theory that the Universe arose out of Nothing. They believe that the Universe or this objective Creation is beginningless and end-less, and that, according to the laws of evolution in time, it will recede from the gross into the subtle stage and, after being in that stage, for some period, it will again recede into the causal stage from which It emerged. From the One into which it merges, it will gradually manifest itself as Many, through the subtle and the gross stages of expression.