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Lord Krishna aroused Arjuna from the gloomy depression into which he led his mind, at the very moment when duty called on him to be himself - the far famed warrior, ready and eager to fight on behalf of right against might. Krishna effected the cure by reminding him of the Atma which was his reality and of Himself being the Atma he was. Bhagavan says that we too are easily prone to get caught "in the coils of cleverness and the meshes of dialectical logic. The key to success in spiritual endeavour (and, what is life worth, if it is not dedicated to that high endeavour?) is philosophical inquiry and moral advance, both culminating in the awareness of the Atma, the source and sum of all the energy and activity that is." We are all motivated by fear, doubt and attachments as Arjuna was. We are all hesitant at the cross-road between the This and That, the wave and the ocean.

But, as created by Him, we are "the miracle of miracles". Bhagavan says, "Whatever is not in man cannot be anywhere outside him. Whatever is visible outside him is but a rough reflection of what really is in him." "The Atma is free. It is Purity. It is Fullness. It is unbounded. Its centre is the body but its circumference is beyond the beyond." Man has been endowed with a superintellect that can recognise the existence of the Atma, strive for bringing it into his awareness and succeed.

However, very few are human enough to seek to know who they are, why they are here and wherefrom, and whither they go from here. They move about with temporary names, encased in evanescent ever-changing bodies. So, Bhagavan accosts us, "Listen! Children of Immortality! Listen! Listen to the message of the Rishis who had the Vision of the Most Majestic Person, the Purushothama, the Foremost and the First, who dwells beyond the realms of Illusion and Delusion. O ye Human beings! You are by nature ever full. You are indeed God moving on earth. Is there a greater sin than calling you 'sinners'? When you accept the appellation, you are defaming yourselves. Arise! Cast off the humiliating feeling that you are sheep. Do not be deluded into that idea. You are Atma. You are drops of Amrith, Immortal Truth, Beauty, Goodness. You have neither beginning nor end. All things material are your bondslaves; you are not their bondslaves, as you imagine now."