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Sahajamaarga, Saadhanamaarga, not the same

The Sadhaka should note the distinction between the conduct of the natural man and the aspirant. Sahaja man is one without Sahana or Fortitude, with an Aham-kara, or conceit, and one who is full of desires relating to the Jagath by which he is trying to have a contented Janma. The Saadhana man is he who is engaged in Sarveswarachinthana as ceaselessly as the waves of the Sagara or sea, who accumulates the DHANA (treasure) of Equality and Equal Love to all, who is content in the thought that all is the Lord's and nothing is his. The Saadhana man will not, like the Sahaja man, easily bend before grief or loss, anger or hatred or selfishness, hunger, thirst or fickleness. One should master all the above things as much as possible, and journey through life with fortitude, courage, joy, peace, charity and humility. Realising that tending of the body is not all important, one has to bear patiently even hunger and thirst and be engaged uninterruptedly in the contemplation of the Lord. Instead, quarrelling for every tiny little thing, losing one's temper, becoming sad at the slightest provocation, getting angry at the smallest insult, worried at thirst, hunger and loss of sleep, these can never be the characteristics of a Sadhaka. Rice in its natural state and rice that is boiled, can these two be the same? The hardness of natural rice is absent in the boiled one. The boiled grain is soft, harmless and sweet. The unboiled grain is hard, conceited and full of delusion. Both types are Jivis and Men, no doubt; those who are immersed in external illusions and Avidyamaya are "Men"; those who are immersed in internal illusions or Vidya Maya are "Sadhakas", and God is immersed in neither, devoid of both. He, who has no external illusions, becomes a Sadhaka and when he is devoid of even the internal illusions, he can be termed a God. Such a person's heart becomes the seat of God. Therefore, it is possible to deduce that all is pervaded by God. Though, of course the Lord is situated in every heart, Sadhana is necessary so that they may discover it for themselves. It is not possible for us to see our own face! We must have a mirror to show us its image! So too, a basic Marga or Path, a Sadhana Method is necessary to become devoid of Gunas. Next