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Today's Words are only the Works of Yesterday

During Treta Yuga, when Narada asked Sri Ramachandra about the nature and characteristics of His Dasas and of the Sadhakas or spiritual aspirants, He answered as below:

"Listen, O Narada! Men who are my Dasas are full of Love; they always stand by Dharma or Righteousness; they speak the Truth; their hearts melt with mercy; they are devoid of wrong; they avoid sin; their nature is wellfounded; they will renounce everything gladly; they eat in moderation; they are engaged in doing good to others; they have no selfishness, they are worried by no doubts; they will not lend their ears to flattery. They are eager to listen to the praise of the good nature of others. They have beautiful, strong and holy character. Sadhakas are those who endeavour to acquire such qualities and possess such a character. Now, I shall tell you about those who are Priya to me. Any one who is engaged in Japa, Tapas and Vratha, who has Samyama or self-control, Niyama or discipline, any one who has Faith, Patience, Comradeship, Kindness and Joy as well as unalloyed Prema towards Me, is Priya to Me."

"Now, about My real Bhakthas. Whoever, with Viveka and Vairagya, and Vinaya and Vijnana, with discrimination and renunciation, with humility and wisdom, are aware of the knowledge of Reality, whoever are always immersed in the contemplation of my leela, whoever dwell on My name at all times and under all conditions, and who shed tears or love whenever the Lord's name is heard from any lip, they are My genuine Bhakthas."