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Path for a Bhaktha to become a Muktha

This human birth is very difficult to attain. It cannot be got for a song. The body is as a caravansary; the mind is its watchman; the Jivi is the pilgrim, and so, no one of these has any kinship with the others. The pilgrim is bound for Salvation City, Mokshapuri. For a troublefree journey, there is nothing so reliable as Namasmarana, the Remembrance, of the name of the Lord. Once the sweetness of that name has been experienced, the person will not have exhaustion, unrest or sloth. He will fulfil his pilgrimage of Sadhana joyfully, enthusiastically and with deep conviction. Still, for achieving this Sadhana, Sadbava or Righteousness is very important. Without fear of sin, righteousness cannot originate; love of God, too, cannot develop. This fear produces Bhakthi which results in the worship of the Lord.

Stupidity is the cause of man's downfall. It is like sheepishness! When one sheep rolls into a pit, all fall into the same pit. That is ruinous. Avoiding this, it is better to think about the good and the bad, the pros and cons of whatever is done and then jump. Death will not leave off any one, whatever he may be. It continues to threaten all; if it is another's turn today, it is yours tomorrow. Look at the blossoms in the garden! When the gardener plucks the flowers, the buds exult that tomorrow is their turn to be gathered into his hands, and their faces are so full of joy when they unfold in that hope. Do they feel any sadness? Do their faces droop? Are they any the less bright? No. The moment they know that the next day it is their turn, they make themselves ready with great gusto and excitement. So, also, one must be ready on the path of Sadhana, enthusiastically remembering the name of the Lord, without worrying and feeling sad that one's turn is tomorrow or so, because some one died today. The body is like a tube of glass. Inside it the mind is ever changeful and restless. Seeing its antics, death keeps laughing. The bird Jiva is in the nine-holed pot. It is a wonder how the bird has a body; how it came into the pot, and how it rises up and goes. The Suras, the Munis and Naras of the Nine Khandas and the Nine Dwipas are all undergoing the sentence of carrying about with them the burden of the body. Now, of these, who are the friends and who, the enemies? When egoism dies out, all are friends; there are then no enemies. This lesson has to be remembered by all. Next