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For a Sadhaka, Today is His: but Tomorrow?

Yama is as Omnipresent as Siva! Yama is associated with the Deha, or Body; He cannot affect the Jivi. Siva is associated with Jivi; but He will not allow the body to subsist for any length of time. The body is the essential vehicle for the Jivi to understand its real nature. Still, who knows when it becomes the target for the attention of Yama, the Master of the Deha? Who knows when this body will get entrapped in the coils of Yama's ropes? The Jivi, burdened with this easily destructible body, must grasp the above mentioned caution and be all eager to merge in Siva, whatever the moment, that very moment! No single moment that is passed by can be turned back. People usually delay doing some things, today's till tomorrow, and yesterday's till today. But, the tasks of Sadhana are not of such a nature; for them, there is no yesterday and no tomorrow. This very moment is the moment! The minute that has elapsed is beyond your grasp; so too, the minute that is approaching is not yours! It is only that Jivi which has engraved this understanding on its heart that can merge in Siva. Without assimilating this truth in the heart, the Jivi is immersed in the aims of today and tomorrow, based on the assumption that the body is important; it thus lays the foundations for worldly attachment; and so, it is born again and again with body and continues to have the Darsan of Yama! It is the right of the Sadhaka to have Sivadarsana and not Yamadarsana! He will not wish for it, nor even contemplate it. Only those who have this relationship of the Deha and the Jiva are Men. And those who have realised this principle will not flag even to the slightest extent in their Sadhana. These days, man is content with visualising and experiencing evanescent worldly joys. He has no rest. Spending the nights in sleep and the days in eating and drinking, he grows and grows, until, in his old age, Death pursues him. Then, he cannot decide where to go or what to do; all his senses have weakened; no one, nothing can rescue him; so he ends as obedient meat to the jaws of Death! Next