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Vedas and Puranas deserve to be read and heard. God's name is to be recited and listened to. For some ailments, medicines are prescribed for external application while for others, they are given for internal use. But for this universal ailment of Bhavaroga, the cycle of birth and death, Sravana and Kirtana and other medicines are prescribed, for external and internal use. One has to utter as well as hear the Lord's name. An aspirant might win God's grace, and the Guru's grace and the grace of the devotees of the Lord. But all this grace would be of no avail if he does not secure also another grace, the grace of his own inner consciousness, his Anthahkarana. Without this grace, he falls into perdition, for all the rest are no account whatsoever.

The grace of God is not easily attainable. The feeling of I-ness, Ahamkara, which makes one say "I am the Doer", should be plucked by the roots from the heart. Everyone, be he learned or illiterate, should feel an overwhelming urge to know God. God has equal affection towards all his children, for to illumine is the nature of light. Utilising that illumination, some can read good books and others can do their daily tasks, whatever they are. So too, uttering God's name one can progress in the realisation of God, another can even do wicked deeds! It all depends on how you use the light. But the Lord's name is without blemish, always and for ever. Next