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Truth is God

For attaining this stage, an ethical life is the foundation. This ethical life is based upon discrimination between Truth and Falsehood. Just as the pearl is retained while the shell is discarded, the Essence, which is Truth, must be accepted and the non-essential rejected. Then again, individual exertion and Divine Grace should both be existent. One should also constantly practise the great lesson that the Body and the Atma are separate. This is a highly beneficial exercise. Such viveka or discrimination is necessary for all aspects of life secular as well as spiritual. It is indispensable for realizing the Truth, the Truth that persists in Creation, Existence and Destruction - the Truth which is God Himself.

To serve this supreme Lord purity in diet has to be observed. As regards food, the question is not how much, but of what quality. Of course quantity too cannot be overlooked. But, why is food necessary at all? It is needed for acquiring the strength required for Seva. In order Sevayajna may yield fruit, food is needed and such food must be pure. Attention has to be paid to this aspect of food.

In this way, each one should pay constant attention to his habits and to the traits of his character. And then, the attachment to the body will fall off and the task of securing Atmananda will be made easy.

Man has all these various duties to perform before he actually attains realization; for it is only through such spiritual life can he acquire purity and through that pure nature alone is it possible for him to realize the Soul Supreme. Without getting himself engaged in them it is no use crying in agony that he has not been able to know the Paramathman. Next