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The Duties of Life

The blemishes of the heart have to be washed by the moral life and the doing of one's duty. A time may come when man becomes tired and weak, but he should then pray thus: Lord, things have gone beyond my capacity. I feel further effort is too great a strain. Give me strength, O, Lord!

At first, God stands at a distance watching man's efforts, like the teacher who stands apart when the students write out answers to his questions. Then when man sheds his attachment to Bhoga and takes to good deeds, and Seva, God comes encouragingly near. For, He is like Surya Narayana, who stands waiting outside the closed door, like the servant who knows the rights of the master and his own limitations. He does not announce his presence or bang the door. He simply waits. And when the Master does but just open the door a little, the sun rushes in and promptly drives out darkness from within. When His help is asked for, He is present by the side of man, with hands extended to render assistance. So, what is wanted from man is only the viveka to pray to the Lord, the Jnana to remember Him. Next