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In this created world, wisdom is enveloped in Ignorance, Jnana, in Ajnana. That is inevitable at all times. So long as the lamp is burning, there will be a shadow beneath it; so too when the flame of Illusion is burning, the shadow Ajnana is inevitable. If the ignorance surrounding the Atman is destroyed by Jnana, then everything will be illumined as at sunrise, and Santhi will be the result.

If the above result has to be got, some effort has to be made to provide the necessary conditions. The mind is conditioned into good or bad, by the environment. Hence, man has to create for himself, the environment he needs. The reformers of today do not strive to transform the qualities of man. They try to bring about equality, in economic matters, in outer life. But, these can be lasting only when the qualities of character are built on the basis of equality. If the quality of equality is not developed, even if everything is divided and shared equally, that state of equality cannot last. So, there is need to reform the character by means of the knowledge of the Atman. This reform alone will bear fruit, the fruit of Santhi.

Therefore, culture must be directed towards the reform of character. Along with that reform and to the extent it is gained, the outward standard of economic life too can be adjusted. First, man must be trained in the technique of Santhi and Santhosha, peace and happiness. These do not depend on the outer, the external, the visible objective world. So there is no profit in worrying about or debating about these matters. You must take refuge in the Atman and the contemplation of the nature of the Atman, that is to say, in the real I. All this objective world shines, only through the glory of the Atman. The body does not deserve to be identified with the immortal; it is inert matter, and nothing better. You are not the thing connoted by the word, "I". You are the One, without a second. The body is subject to change, it is evanescent, liable to decline. How can it be the Atman? No. Atman is One and Only. It cannot co-exist with another entity. It is only when every Sadhaka, every man, is aware of this, that Equality, Equanimity and the Exhilaration can be established on earth.

Therefore, contemplate on the Thathwa. Leaving aside the seen, concentrate on the seer. That will illumine the Truth.