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Brahman is a shoreless bottomless ocean. That ocean is the basis for the ever-shifting waves, the evidence and result of its power. The wave emerges from the sea, leaps forth from it, falls back into it and dissolves itself into it. Though the power of the sea is thus manifested in ups and downs, rise and fall, the sea is steady and fixed. But, the world is concerned more with the temporary and the sifting, and thinks that the waves are very important. So also, the sadhaka is more concerned with attainments that are evanescent and changing and not with the unchanging experience of the principle behind, the Brahman. All the senses, all the impulses rise up in overpowering strength like waves from the sea, roar in fury, and subside in the waters; they do not confer peace. The wise thing is to forget these waves, and to direct attention towards the sea beneath, which is without change. Then only can you attain Santhi, swim about happily in the deep undisturbed waters.

Why are those denizens of the deep sea so happy? The reason is they have water all around them, - above, below, on all sides.

They cannot survive even a second, outside it. Even when they have perforced to come out of it, they struggle frantically to reach water again, for the disaster will bring about death itself. So too when man is immersed in Santhi, he will experience the joy and exhilaration of that state, in all ways. A person who has tasted that joy and exhilaration can never tolerate even for a second the state of Asanthi, and he will never desert the Santhi stage. If it ever happens that he is forced into Asanthi, he will struggle furiously and desperately to return to the state of Santhi and might even die in the attempt. But, why should such a person ever be thrown on the shore of Asanthi and ever risk his life in escaping back into Santhi? He can ever be in a state of bliss, immersed in the Ocean of Santhi, isn't it? He should not float on the upper waves of impulses and intentions of Vasanas and Sankalpas. He must dive deeper and try to revel at the calmer levels. This is the most urgent task. Then, you will not endanger yourself by being thrown out and beyond, upon the dry shore.