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Many people are disheartened by the fear that such merger is beyond their reach in this Kali age, however much they may try. But, this is a type of weakness and nothing more. It is not a question of the path of yoga adopted; whatever the yoga path, if one has Faith in Oneself and Faith in the sastras, the goal is bound to be won. Some pretend to have Faith in both, all the while doubting them in the heart of hearts. Each one can discover for himself the measure of his faith by the results. If the experience of merger is absent, it is due to the absence of these two. They must be in one, as the very breath of existence. Then only can they succeed in Sadhana and attain the Aikya. Of course, those without Faith are without anything. They cannot benefit by advice. The present state of affairs is due to men losing Faith in themselves and in the Sastras. Even those who claim to have the Faith do not conduct themselves according to the Sastras and nourish them. Consequently, Goodness and the Sathwic quality have gone out of the world and wicked habits and degradation have gained the upper hand. If this atmosphere is to be transformed, and if the world must enjoy security and peace, every Asthika, every pious God-fearing person, must cultivate Faith in himself and in the Sastras and practise in one's own life the disciplines enjoined in the Sastras. Naturally, some modifications may have to be made out of consideration for the place, time and individual, but, the fundamental outlook and significant meaning should not be changed. The means by which those ideals are to be reached may be changed, but not the ideals themselves.

A child may refuse to swallow a pill, when it is in bed suffering from fever; it may clamour for a plantain instead. Do you know what to do at that time? Do not omit the pill; insert the pill inside the plantain and offer it to the child to be swallowed. Its desire is satisfied; the fever, too, comes down. The fundamental has not been discarded; it has remained unchanged; only the method of administering it has been modified.