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To win such perfect security, one has to follow the path of full Bhakthi, dedicating oneself to the Lord. It cannot be got by any other means. The path of Jnana is possible only for one in a million, it is beyond the reach of all. Is it possible to negate the body and the objective world, so patent to the senses, by repeating, 'Nethi', 'Nethi', 'Not this', 'Not this'? And unless this is possible, how can the 'Nethi', 'Nethi' argument be applied? Under present conditions, Jnanamarga is indeed very difficult. Then, the Karmamarga too is not quite so feasible. It is also full of difficulties. To do work in the proper spirit, Love and Devotion, Bhakthi and Prema are essential for success. So too the Yogamarga; it also bristles with obstacles. Therefore, the Bhakthimarga is the smoothest, the most conducive to success and the most bliss-yielding.

Even this Bhakthi marga, no one can define and demarcate, as such and such. Since it has many forms, many roads, and many types of experience, it is impossible for any one to describe it accurately and fully. Each Bhaktha gets Ananda only through his individual experience; through the experience of other Bhakthas, he can get at best only encouragement and guidance. The experience changes from one Person to another and so, it eludes comparison, and even description. If anyone is able to describe it by examples and limits, then one can be sure that his experience is not real. The limited soul is immersed in the limitless Love of the Lord, and how can words describe that experience called by the Upanishads as "Akhandaikarasa", the Unbroken Uniflow of Sweetness? Man cannot express in human language that state of Unbounded Bhakthi. By outward signs which can be cognised by the senses, one can feel that the Bhaktha is in a high state of Bliss but, who can gauge the depth of that Joy? That has no relation with the senses at all. Bhakthi has to be realised in your own experience, though great souls can illumine the path a little for you by their examples. You can grasp something of the Path, with their help. But, always remember that words fail, when they approach the Beyond. They are useful only for purposes of the objective world. They are instruments of no value in regions of experience where comparisons are impossible.