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Readers! May this stream of Prema put down the burning fires of disquiet, ignorance, injustice, and irreligion that is consuming you and may it slake your thirst. May it shower on you Peace, Joy and Happiness.

There are many people who are not aware of even the meaning of the word, Prashanthi. It is as the backbone, to each individual, and, for the Sadhaka it is as the very breath. The work is taken by each to mean something different; many feel that they have Peace; when some worldly desire that was vexing them is satisfied! But, that is not Real Peace; it is but a temporary short-lived interval between one worry and another. The Syllable 'Pra' in Pra-shanthi means, expanding, enlarging, vikasa; and so Prashanthi means that type of Santhi. That is to say, the absence of Desire and Anger Greed and Hatred.

Prashaanthi means success in the elimination of these qualities, grouped under Kama and Krodha. This process called Sama is very essential for all. The Sadhaka must be constantly engaged in practising it. What does the Sadhaka strive for? Fulfillment, is it not? In other words, he strives for Santhi. Now this Santhi is the innate nature of Man. Santhi is the force, which comes to the aid of those who try to develop Viveka, Vairagya and Vichakshana (Discrimination, Renunciation and Keenness of Intellect). It is but a phase of the Atma itself. Just as the Atma, it too has no beginning or end; no blemish can mar it; it is equaled only by itself; it cannot be compared with any other.