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By special discipline, the turbulence of the mind can be calmed; as a result of this, it becomes possible to taste the bliss of the Atma, free from its pulls. The mind attracts him outwards and offers only external objective joy. But the wise man knows them to be fleeting. For him the Atma is enough to fulfil all desire for happiness - complete and permanent. So he will have no need for the external world.

The Jnani will acquire some special powers too, through his beneficent resolutions, his beneficent promptings and purposes. Through these, he can attain whatever he wishes. The greatness of the status of a Jnani is indeed indescribable, beyond imagination. It is of the same nature as the splendour and magnificence of the Lord Himself. Why, he becomes the Brahmam that he has always been. That is why it is declared, Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi, Brahmavid Aapnothi Param. That is to say, "he who has known Brahmam becomes himself Brahmam; he attains Brahmam-hood." The fact that this world is unreal and Brahmam alone is real must become patent; then all impulses are destroyed; ignorance is demolished. The gem of Jnana has been stolen by the Mind; so, it It is caught, the gem can be regained. The gem entitles you to the status and dignity of Brahmam, which you assume immediately.

The great souls who have won this Atmajnana deserve worship. They are holy; for they have attained Brahmam, the right of every one in the world, however great or whatever the Tapas. That is the Kingdom they seek, the honour they aspire for. This is the great mystery, the mystery elucidated in the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Sastras. The solving of this mystery makes life worthwhile; it is the key to liberation. Next