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Keep the mind away from low desires that run after fleeting pleasures. Turn your thoughts away from these and direct them towards the permanent Bliss derivable from the knowledge of the Immanent Divinity. Keep before the mind's eye the faults and failures of sensory pleasures and worldly happiness. Thus, you can grow in discrimination, non-attachment and spiritual progress.

As gold melted in a crucible gets rid of dross and shines in its pristine glory, man too has to be melted in the crucible of Yoga by the fire of Vairagya. To possess this Jnana is the sign of Samadhi, as explained by some.

For those capable of self-control along these lines, the innate power will gradually assert itself and the Reality that is now misunderstood will be cleared of the fog. Patiently cultivate the habit of meditating on your Atmahood and see the particular as the Universal. Through Samadhi, the attainment of Liberation is assured.

The springs of egoism etc., arise from ignorance of the Basic Truth. When knowledge of the Atma dawns, ignorance with its brood of worry and misery will vanish. The mark of the Jnani is the absence of egoism, the extinction of desire, the feeling of equal Love for all without any distinction. These are the fundamentals of Atmajnana.

You can see without eyes, hear without ears, speak without the tongue, smell without the nose, touch without the body, walk without legs; yes, ever experience without the mind. For you are the Pure Essence Itself; you are the Supreme Self. You have no awareness of this Truth; hence, you are drowned in ignorance. You feel you are the senses only and therefore you experience misery. The five senses are all bound up with the mind; it is the mind that separately activates the senses and is affected by their reactions. Man reads through the mind-associated eye and so he fails. But the Jnani has the Divyachakshu, the Divine eye, for he has the Divine Vision; he can hear and see without the aid of the senses. Next