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Nirvikalpasamadhi gives full knowledge of Brahmam, and that, in turn, results in Moksha or Liberation from birth and death. The mind must be attuned to the contemplation of Brahmam; one must strive to tread the path of Brahmam and live in Brahmam, with Brahmam. Atmajnana can be won only by the triple path of 'giving up Vasanas', 'uprooting the mind' and 'the analysis of experience, to grasp the reality'. Without these three, the Jnana of the Atma will not dawn. The Vasanas or instincts and impulses prod the mind on towards the sensory world and bind the individual to joy and misery. So the Vasanas must be put down. This can be achieved by means of discrimination (Viveka), meditation on the Atma (Atmachinthana), inquiry (Vicharana), control of the senses (Samam), control of the desires (Damam), renunciation (Vairagya) and such disciplines.

The mind is a bundle of Vasanas; verily, the mind is the Jagath itself; it is all the world for the individual. While in deep sleep the mind does not function, and so the Jagath is practically non-existent for the individual. The Jagath is born, or 'enters the consciousness' and dies or 'disappears from the consciousness', according to the cognitive power of the mind. When therefore the mind is destroyed, the world too is destroyed and one is free, one is liberated; one attains Moksha.

Whoever succeeds in controlling the Chitta or the Consciousness can have a vision of the Atma. Consciousness is the grown-up tree; the seed is the "ego", the feeling of "I". When the seed "I" is cast aside, all the activities of the consciousness also vanish automatically.

The Sadhaka, who is earnest for these results, has to be ever vigilant. The senses might, any moment, regain their lost mastery and enslave the individual. He might lose much of the ground already gained. That is the reason why Sadhakas are warned off from the attachments of the world.

Be ever and always immersed in the search for Truth; do not waste time in the multiplication and satisfaction of wants and desires. One source of pleasure craves as a corollary to another source. Thus the mind seeks again and again to acquire the objects it has given up; so do not yield to the vagaries of the mind. Turn back, even forcibly, from sensory attachment. Why, even prayer cannot be done, according to the mind's vagaries. One has to stick to the same place and time! The Atma itself will sustain such Sadhakas and give them strength and steadiness. Next