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"As fog before the Sun, Ignorance melts away before Knowledge." Knowledge is acquired by uninterrupted inquiry. One should constantly be engaged in Inquiry on the nature of Bramham: the reality of the I, the transformations that occur to the individual at birth and at death and such matters. As you remove the husk that covers the rice, so too the Ignorance that adheres to the mind has to be removed by the frequent application of the abrasive Atmic Inquiry. It is only when full knowledge is won that one can get liberated, or, in other words, attain Moksha. After the attainment of the above-said Atmic knowledge, one has to follow the path of Brahman and act according to the New Wisdom.

All doubts that afflict the mind have to be solved by consulting those who know, or the Sadgurus one has the chance to meet. Until one gets firmly fixed in the path that the Guru or Sastra has shown, one has to obey the rules and directions steadfastly and be in their company or be associated with them one way or other. Because one can progress very fast if one keeps close to the Wise Person who has realised the Truth, one must with unrestricted renunciation and sincere earnestness follow the instructions of the Teacher and of the Sastras; this is the real Tapas; this Tapas leads on to the highest stage.

When ignorance and its concomitant delusion disappear, the Atma in every one shines in Its own splendour. All that we see is as a mirage, the super-imposition of something over the Real and the mistaking of that for this. Things have a beginning and an end; they evolve and involve, there is evolution as well as involution. When all is subsumed by involution, or Pralaya, only Moolaprakriti or the Causal Substance endures. Only the unmanifested Cause survives the universal dissolution.

When gold is melted in the crucible, it shines with a strange yellow glory. Where did that light emanate from? From the gold or from the fire? What happened was only the removal of the dross by the fire; the effulgence belonged to the gold itself; it is its very nature. The fire is only an instrument for the removal of the dross. Nothing has been added to the gold by the fire in the crucible! Next