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The twentieth and the last qualification one has to earn is "Thathwajnanadarsanam", the vision of the true nature of "Thath" (that), the universal principle of which the particular is but a shadow. It means that the Sadhaka should have a keen desire to visualise the universal.

Of the above-mentioned twenty, if honest efforts are made to earn even two or three, the rest will come naturally to the seeker. No special effort is needed to earn them. As progress is made on the path, one acquires not only the twenty, but even a larger number of virtues. The twenty are mentioned here because they are the outstanding ones, that is all. Sadhana, based on these virtues, takes one easily to the goal. That is why Krishna emphasised these.

Equipped with these, one can realise the self; there need be no doubt on that for they lead to the knowledge that the body, the senses, the intelligence, the inner consciousness - all are affiliated to the Prakrithi aspect. And He who is distinct from all this is the Purusha. Purusha is He who is aware of the Kshethra and the Kshethrajna. When one is able to distinguish between Purusha and Prakrithi or which is the same thing, between Kshethra and Kshethrajna, he becomes the witness and is free from all touch of want or wish.