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Shri Krishna declared the king of Manthras, "Vaasudevassarvam" in the Geetha, just to counteract such pseudo-Jnanis, whose emergence He anticipated. That one Mantra is sufficient to save all mankind. That is His indirect gift; consider it as such and concentrate on it and its meaning. That is the highest good; that is the highest goal. Those six letters can alone make human lives worth while. Without the inner ever-present experience of those words, there are many who have named themselves Mahatma, Jagadguru, Bhagavan, Paramahamsa, Jnani, Thyagi, Aananda, etc; and who, alas, though counterfeit, receive currency among people as genuine. No one conferred these titles on them; they were selected and assumed by their present owners and worn as plumage to catch the people's eye. They are not genuine and so the glamour too wears out soon enough. The exterior is Sanyas, but the interior is Athyaas, (too full of desires). Outwardly the form is Yoga, but inwardly they suffer from Roga (disease). Their names all speak of Ananda but they roam around in the alleys. Their words are honey; their acts are spoony, and often za'ny. A householder who is immersed in the daily duties of his stage of life is far better spiritually than these dressed-up specimens of Thyaga and Yoga.

The chief reason for the decline of the culture of India, of its ancient way of life and its moral rectitude is this: the evil perpetrated by such fakes. Faith in God has declined for the same reason. They advise Thyaga and aspire for Bhoga; they glorify morality and operate through hatred. This behaviour cuts at the very root of Sanyasa; they inevitably rush towards doom. Where words and deeds are not coordinated, there is no trace of truth.

Well, householders do hold on to truth, more or less tenaciously. There are among them many who are devoid of hate, are of pure unsullied hearts, and who tread the path of morality and virtue. But we find that the Thyagis and Yogis who parade as such are full of all possible types of hatred and all the manifestations of desire. They fall into the pit which these dig for trapping them. Egoism, envy, exhibitionism - these bring to end all the efforts of the Sadhaka. Therefore, seekers and devotees must be ever vigilant; they must keep away from all these undesirable traits and they should try to grow in the contemplation of the glory of God; and in the practice of morality, eagerly striving to experience the real bliss of attainment. This bliss has then to be shared with the world. That will inaugurate world peace and world prosperity.

Krishna was referring to such real Jnanis when He said that the world will shine in splendour through the Jnanis. A man without Jnana is as a home without light.Next