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Though Gunas emanate from the Lord, He is unaffected: smoke arises from fire, but fire is unaffected; clouds form in the sky and move about in the sky; but the sky is unaffected by them. All are attached to Him, like beads; but He is free, unattached. The universe is based on Him but he has no need for the universe as base.

Take the example of cloth; cloth is based on yarn, it is dependent on yarn; but yarn does not depend on cloth, it is unaffected, unattached to cloth. The pot depends on clay, but clay is independent. Again, cloth is yarn, pot is clay. Clay is Brahmam; the pot is Prakrithi. Yarn is Brahmam, cloth is Prakrithi, (the universe of Namarupa, of manifold variety). Ignore the shape, the form and the name - the pot is just clay. Ignore the form of the cloth and the name; observe the basic thing that stays in and through the cloth, then you know it is but yarn. Without clay you can have no pot; without yarn, there can be no cloth. So too, without Brahmam, there can be no Prakrithi. It is truer to say that all is Brahmam than to say, "Brahmam-is-in-everything." It is grander to picture Brahmam as Sarva-aadhaara, the basis of all, rather than to conceive It as Sarvabhutha-antharaathma, the inner reality of all beings. That is truth.